Exercise No.9


Exercise name:


Which cognitive area is it related to?

Concentrations, Memory

Description of the exercise:

There is a cube (die) with a different object depicted on each side. The die (cube) is rolled and as it falls, a conversation begins about the object – where it can be bought, what it is used for, how much it costs. The person with the most accurate answer is the winner and rolls the cube again. It is good to make several dice, making the objects from different thematic areas, for instance 1. Kitchen utensils, 2. furniture, 3. food; 4. vegetables; 5. Clothes and so on.
This is a group game for 3 to 6 people. It is suitable for people in the early to moderate stage of dementia.

How can this model be used at home and in residential care/nursing homes?

Dementia affects a person’s cognitive functions, self-identity, memory and concentration. It develops gradually and leads to a change of personality. People with dementia have a problem with memory, which leads to recall difficulties and problems with speech, coordination, abstract thinking, concentration, planning, orientation with regard to place and time, frequent mood swings. This type of exercise will stimulate:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Speech activity
  • Coordination
  • Group interaction

What benefits can be obtained with its use?

Dementia progresses gradually and affects cognitive functions. This game stimulates retention of knowledge, personality and the ability to be self-sufficient.

Technical specification of the model



Colour (One piece one colour):

Green, yellow, red

Suitable dimensions for its use in the classroom (MM):

Cubes 50 mm x 50 mm

Should the piece be resistant or be subjected to stress?


Should it be printed during meeting with person with dementia, before or after?


Do you have to paint the model?


Number of pieces of which the model is composed:

Five dice (cubes) with different images. Each die contains images of different categories

Ensemble type if necessary (slot, clip, screwed ...)


Accuracy and definition required. (Quality) Low, mid or High.



STL files viewer

Good luck!